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Accounts Receivable Clerk
Primacy Responsibilities: Posts payments by verifying and posting receipts; resolving discrepancies; dealing with customer questions.
Public Record Research Specialist (PRRS)
Four primary responsibilities: Order Criminal/Public Records Searches; Search On-line Criminal/Public Record Sources; Process Criminal/Public Record Results; and, Provide Internal and External Customer Service. (Full Time M-F)
Verification Specialist
Primary responsibilities are Data Entry, Information Collection and Verification, Work Processing Handling Client Special Instructions and Customer Service. Must type 45 WPM.

Employment Screening Services, Inc.


Accounts Receivable Clerk

  • Posts customer payments by recording check and credit card transactions.
  • Verifies validity of account discrepancies
  • Resolves valid or authorized deductions by entering adjusting entries.
  • Resolves invalid or unauthorized deductions/discounts/short payments
  • Resolves collections by examining customer payment history, coordinating contact with collections department
  • Prepares bank deposits
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
  • Accomplishes accounting and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
  • Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.

Skills and Qualifications

Organization, Accounting, Data Entry Skills, General Math Skills, Financial Software (QuickBooks), Analyzing Information , Attention to Detail, Thoroughness, Reporting Research Results, Verbal Communication

Public Record Research Specialist

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Order Criminal / Public Record Searches
    • Review employment applications to abstract multiple information sets as specified by department guidelines.
    • Order (data entry) criminal/public record searches according to department guidelines and client instructions.
    • Assist department with placing manual orders for Criminal, MVR, International Reports, as assigned.
  • Search On-line Criminal/Public Record Sources
    • Manage on-line sources and maintain search instructions for each source.
    • Conduct on-line criminal/public record searches as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Process/Record Criminal/Public Record Results
    • Abstract criminal/public record results as assigned.
    • Summarize criminal record histories as assigned.
    • Monitor past due criminal searches and request status checks from vendors .
  • Provide Internal and External Customer Service
    • Work effectively with and be responsive to other departments regarding status checks and other questions .
    • Provide quality customer service directly to job applicants and ESS clients.

Essential Skills and Abilities

  • Basic computer and word processing skills
  • Extremely accurate data entry skills
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Highly motivated and positive
  • Work productively under deadlines
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Top notch people/customer service skills
  • Extremely reliable and punctual
  • Willing to work overtime when needed
  • Minimum of high school diploma

Verification Specialist

The position of a Verification Specialist (VS) for Employment Screening Services, Inc. includes five primary responsibilities -- Data Entry,Information Collection and Verification, Word Processing, Handling Client Special Instructions and Customer Service – for the purpose of producing pre-employment screening reports for ESS clients. Keyboard minimum of 45 words per minute

  • Data Entry

    The (VS) is required to take information received from schools, employers, reference contacts, supporting documentation obtained from applicants and transfer the data into a customized report format.

    Essential Functions: The (VS) will accurately transfer, by PC data entry, information into customize data fields using Microsoft Access software.

  • Information Collection and Verification

    The (VS) is required to contact sources primarily by telephone, but also by fax and email, to confirm and collect information from learning institutions, employers, supervisors, and references.

    Essential Functions: The (VS) will call designated employer and school contacts and acquire or confirm, or attempt to acquire or confirm credentials and experience as listed on an employment application contact designated supervisors and references and ask the prescribed professional questions and obtain reference information in the manner set forth by ESS policy and procedures and take detailed notes of all information received by phone.

  • Word Processing

    Using information obtained through Information Collection and Verification, the (VS) is required to type(Word Processing using PC, Microsoft Access) education, employer, and supervisor/reference information.

    Essential Functions: Using information received by phone, email, fax, or mail the (VS) will accurately transfer and/or compose information into customized fields in the manner prescribed by ESS policy and procedures and utilize standard, professional grammar, to create well-formed sentences, words and phrases , and structure when composing narrative reference reports.

  • Handling Client Special Instructions

    Using information as submitted with an order to properly process each order.

    Essential Functions: The (VS) will accurately review all documents submitted with each order for proper handling detail oriented, required.

  • Customer Service

    Internal and External Communication Skills: Verbal and Written.

    Essential Functions: The (VS) will, during the course of performing the above duties, interact with clients, applicants and co-workers. Interactions both verbally and written are to be courteous and professional, at all times. In the event that the (VS) is unable to assist the caller, the call or email is to be directed to the VS direct supervisor,manager or the Customer Service Manager as prescribed by ESS policy and procedures.